We help entrepreneurs launch and grow their online business.

Working with Business Professionals, Blue Collar Workers, Homemakers, Teachers, Students, Baby Boomers, Newbies and Seasoned Online Veterans

We Share a Proven Success System & Automation that We Currently Use Ourselves.

  • Do you have the fire to be a successful entrepreneur and enjoy more Time, Freedom of Location and an Income you’ve never imagined possible?
  • What motivates us most about online marketing is simple, it allows us to take control of our time, operate, and run a successful business from any location with an internet connection.
  • When beginning this journey we did due diligence researching current trends of today’s online marketing phenomenon. 
  • We understood, that online business success only comes to a few people and if there is one thing that the traditional business world taught us, real success comes from a deep internal burn to succeed.

The basic requirements for success are simple, you need to be coach-able, consistent, and committed.

Just study highly successful entrepreneurs and you will find they possess a common trait known as a “burn to succeed” which carries them over obstacles that cause others to fail.

For me, one thing is certain; when the opportunity to build a business presented itself after a corporate reduction in force, my “need to succeefor-Mike-2009-birthday-gift-cut-out-for-websitesd” was fueled by the burning desire to never allow another person to control my life and income again.

Our business interest also had to allow time and the ability to pursue our love of travel, nature, and photography.

We wanted to develop a “home based” business to fill a key criteria:

our “home and office” is wherever in the world our desire takes us.

Another key factor we required is that the business model adhere to our belief in living the “golden rule.” For me, this core principal focuses on personal integrity, ethics, and treating others with respect which is fundamental to success in both business and life.

We understand that every individual has their unique reasons and motivations for building their own businesses.

For us, our passion for travel and photography has been part of our lifestyle for years and we have no plans to curtail either when we finally decide to “retire”. As a matter of fact, we use this as a catalyst to propel us forward in building our growing business.

There is one thing we know to be true, regardless of how well future plans are made and followed, the world and economy is changing fast. Old beliefs such as looking forward to “getting the gold watch”, a great pension, huge financial dividends and great healthcare are no longer the norm after years of hard work.

Today, mid-life career change and even retirement are filled with endless exciting possibilities that older generations never considered and an ability to create a potential income most never think is possible.   

Few “go getters” look at retirement as the end game.  Instead, they see it as the ability to start a new beginning, a time to check off all of those bucket list items.



Our system also works for those who are just starting out in life; there is no need to look back years from now at what might have been when you can do something about it now.

Take the time to learn how we are building our own successful business while still enjoying the freedom to follow our life’s passions.

If you are reading this then you have taken the first step toward change.

Change without action leads nowhere, so why not step up, take action and take control your life 


IT Begins Now!

“Like the Sounds of New Orleans Your Business Has Its Own Unique Rhythm”

Dance to your unique beat as it moves you toward your goals

 A simple proven system that when followed, provides the ability to earn income while learning to build your own successful enterprise on a firm foundation of good business practices.


“An eagle knows the value of building a solid foundation

to successfully raise it’s young”

Your targeted education is the basics to your businesses solid foundation

Harnessing the power of a simple, proven system and training is one secret to generating life altering income levels.  While our system is simple, the path is not easy and if you are expecting a “get rich quick” scheme then you are looking in the wrong place.


Even in heavy fog the right tools and training keep you focused

You’ve charted your path * keep sailing toward your goals

To begin, you must soul search and be honest about what drives you, what is the passion that is so important you would be willing to create, build and succeed in your own business, even when it becomes difficult.

 Continually updated training and access to mentors, who have already accomplished the goals you desire,   is a vital tool.   The ability to work with coaches can help you cut through the inevitable fog and be a source to tap into when things become difficult.

Our vision is to run our business as we travel and photograph the world from anywhere we happen to be.

Ask yourself, “What is my vision?”

Our goal is to help those people who are willing to work towards their own success.

To work with people totally committed to building a business where they are able to literally “walk-away” from their current circumstances and live the life they envision.

Build Your Business From Anywhere

Freedom to choose WHEN, WHERE and HOW you work  

We discovered that training with a mentor who truly cares about your success, attending workshops, and surrounding yourself with people who have already achieved the successes you only dream of are key factors in achieving goals.

IT is truly a mindset of success.

In the words of American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn:

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Dare to Dream…Dare to Be Different

Your Life…Your Business…Deserves Your Passion…

You Now Have the Understanding at Your Fingertips to Achieve Your Dreams…

Now join us in getting the Tools

…Your Life…Your Business…Deserves Your Passion…

IT Begins Now!